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The weather turns cold, there are 4 things to note
Views:172   Time:2021-10-25
When there is a problem that the electric car does not run far, most car owners will doubt, "Is the electric car broken?" "It must be a battery failure". In fact, as the temperature drops, it is normal for the electric car's endurance to decrease.

Before discussing the question of "how to make electric cars run far in cold weather", the car should first understand: Why does the temperature drop affect the battery life of electric cars?

It's cold, why don't the electric cars run far?
A decrease in temperature will reduce the activity of the battery. The lower the temperature, the worse the battery's storage capacity, that is, the capacity of the battery will become smaller, and the charging and discharging efficiency will be significantly reduced, which directly leads to the attenuation of the range of electric vehicles.

At present, neither two-wheel electric vehicles nor four-wheel electric vehicles can avoid this problem, but car owners don’t have to worry too much. As long as the car returns to its normal state, the battery life can be restored.

As the weather turns cold, the reduction in battery life is normal and cannot be avoided, but if you pay more attention to charging and riding, you can reduce the "poor battery life".

If you want to run far, what are the precautions?

If you notice the following 4 precautions, electric vehicles can run far in winter.
1. In cold weather, try to charge the car during the day/indoors.

The daytime is chosen because the temperature during the day is higher than that at night, and it can protect the battery relatively better. "Indoor charging" is not to let the car owner enter the house with a cart, but to choose an indoor carport/underground garage for charging. The battery will achieve the best charging and discharging effect at about 25°, and when the temperature is lower than 15° during charging, the battery life will continue to decrease , The battery life below 0° will be reduced by 30%.

2. The charging times will be more frequent after cold weather than in summer.

The battery capacity will be reduced in a low temperature environment. Therefore, when riding in winter, the remaining power should be calculated according to 70-80% of the usual battery life, and the power should be recharged in time. The embarrassment of running out of power halfway.
3. The charging time can be extended appropriately. When the weather is cold, the battery attenuation is inevitable and the charging efficiency decreases. Therefore, after the charger turns on the green light, you can perform floating charging for no more than 2 hours. Try to make the battery full and avoid virtual power. Of course, if the charging area If the temperature is higher than 25°, there is no need to extend the charging time.

4. In addition to charging, car owners should pay more attention to riding methods after cold weather. When starting, use the pedals to assist, and then turn on the power. Maintain a constant speed when driving, avoid sudden acceleration or sudden braking. This can save power as much as possible. It can protect the battery and help the electric vehicle run more in cold weather. Far.

Summary Winter is a period of frequent fires, and electric vehicle owners must pay more attention when parking and charging. At the same time, we must also take a correct view of the problem of "endurance attenuation". Since technology cannot solve this problem for the time being, use the correct charging method and riding habits to reduce the impact.

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Contact Us
Contact: Crystal
Phone: 86 570 3317779
Whatsapp: 15372733113
Email: crystal@jolloebike.com
Add: No.23 Yulong Road, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China ​
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